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    Attorney Shahzad R. Khan provides experienced guidance in Family Based and Employment Based immigration, Business Law and Estate Planning.

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If you are an immigrant, you probably had the dream of coming to this country for many years. You may have found that the United States offers you the opportunity to give your loved ones a better life and a more promising future, or maybe you came over as a student and have found a professional pathway that would not be available to you in your home country. It could be that you married or are about to marry an American citizen or maybe you are escaping persecution in your own country and need to find a safe haven where you can live in peace and don't have to fear for your life anymore.

Each one of the above scenarios carries with it a series of requirements and steps that need to be taken in order to come to the most sought-after conclusion: a visa that will allow you to live legally in the United States.


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Shahzad R.Khan Legal is committed to answering your questions about Family Based and Employment Based immigration, Business Law, and Estate Planning issues in Texas.

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