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Shahzad Khan is experienced in the representation of large, medium, and small consulting, telecommunications, and technology companies ranging from a few employees to companies whose stock is traded on public exchanges with several thousand employees worldwide. 

He has represented these individuals and entities before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) on non-immigrant and immigrant petitions. Attorney Khan is also experienced in providing representation in Wage & Hour Investigations by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Employment-Based Non-Immigrant Visas

  • H-1B – Specialty Occupation visa
  • L-1A – Intercompany Transferee of Executives or Managers visa
  • L-1B – Intercompany Transferee of Specialized Knowledge Professional visa
  • O-1 – Individuals with Extraordinary Ability and Achievement visa
  • E visas – Treaty Investors
  • TN visa – NAFTA Professionals
  • R-1 – Religious Worker
  • P visas – Entertainers and Performers
  • Requests for Evidence – RFEs
  • Department of Labor – Wage and Hour Investigations

Employment-Based Immigrant Visas

  • EB-1 Employment-Based First Preference
  • Persons with Extraordinary Abilities
  • Multinational Executives or Managers
  • Outstanding Professors and Researchers
  • PERM – Labor Certification
  • Department of Labor PERM Audits
  • Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (Form I-140)

Employment-Based Path to Citizenship

  • Adjustment of Status
  • Consular Processing
  • Permanent Residency
  • US Citizenship
  • I-9 Compliance Assistance

Shahzad Khan understands the difficulties and challenges faced by immigrants and can provide the experienced guidance as to their rights, duties, and obligations with compassion and integrity. Please call to schedule a consultation.

Employment Immigration Overview

The possibility of working in the United States is certainly very appealing for many people. However, the bridge between a skilled or specialized worker from abroad, and the company that needs that job to be filled, many times do not coincide. 

In many cases, this is due to either the restrictions placed on employment visas, the lack of availability of certain visas, and the impossibility for companies to have the required knowledge to keep up with currently available visa programs. That is why employment immigration attorney Shahzad Khan can suggest other attractive options such as L and O visas, TN visas for professionals from Mexico or Canada, green cards, or H-1B visas. 

If your company has prioritized a need to grow talent, you may have to borrow talent from other countries to address any gaps in your workforce. You may owe it to yourself to consider the best path to get the talented employees you need, no matter where they are located geographically.

Start the process now because it could take months to obtain the needed visas and work permits. That is why it is so important for you to connect with an employment immigration attorney in Richardson and Allen, TX, who can facilitate the visa process and get you the employees your company requires.

If your company recognizes the strategic advantage you achieve by having a multicultural and diverse workforce, then start your search process with us to get those employees your business desires. Working with employment immigration lawyer Shahzad Khan means you can get the legal help you need throughout the application process. Start now by setting up an initial consultation today.

Employment-Based Immigration for Temporary Workers

Employment-based immigration has been lucrative for immigrants looking for new opportunities and companies needing to expand and diversify their workforce. Temporary workers have made use of visas such as:

F-1 Visas

Available to foreign nationals who have recently finished an accredited degree at a college or university, this visa allows them to gain experience in their fields for up to 12 months. Extensions are available for one more year in cases of people working in the STEM fields.

H-1B Visas

Companies looking for employees in areas such as computer-related, engineering, administrative, education, medicine, and health can avail themselves of these visas that are valid for a maximum of three years with the possibility of an extension.

J-1 Visas

Used for various exchange visitor programs, this visa allows holders to be placed in various roles from interns to scholars and professors.

L-1 Visas

These are used by corporations to transfer executives and managers with specialized knowledge and are valid for three years. They can be extended for two additional 2-year periods.

TN Visas

Created by the North American Free Trade Agreement, these visas are identical to H-1Bs, but they only apply to workers from specific countries.

Employment-Based Immigration for Students 

If you came into the United States with an F-1 student visa to further your education at an accredited institution, you might only work on campus during your first year. After that, you may get off-campus employment if you meet certain conditions. These programs might be:

  • CPT – Curricular practical training.
  • OPT – Optional practical training either before or after completing your education.
  • STEM OPT Extension – For students in STEM programs.

In all these cases, employment must be related to your area of study and authorized by the appropriate school official.

Permanent Worker Visas

If you are interested in pursuing a permanent worker visa, employment immigration lawyer Shahzad Khan will guide your employer on the steps they must take to file an employment-based green card petition. This is generally granted to more experienced employees and tends to go to those who work in computer science, engineering, architecture, business and financial operations, education, and certain other fields.

An employment-based green card can be obtained through one of two available visa options:

  • EB-2 – For people with advanced degrees, those with exceptional abilities, and National Interest Waiver cases.
  • EB-3 – For skilled workers and professionals, as well as some unskilled workers whose labor requires less than two years of training or experience and are associated with jobs that are of a temporary or seasonal nature.

No matter what type of employment application you are seeking, either for yourself or for your employees, Richardson and Allen, TX employment immigration attorney Shahzad Khan can give you the guidance you need to obtain it. Schedule an appointment today to get your immigration process started.

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