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Q: Why do you need an Immigration Attorney?

The immigration law in the United States is complicated and understanding every step, paper and form that needs to be filled out is not easy. Having an immigration attorney by your side will help you when you want to emigrate to the United States, no matter what type of visa you are looking for. They can also help you if you have been found to be living in this country without permission and have been advised that deportation proceedings against you have initiated.

Q: What kind of visa can an Immigration Attorney Help you with?

The options are many. From a travel visa to learning how to become a citizen, an immigration attorney will make sure you fill out the appropriate forms and take the necessary exams for your particular visa.

The two main types of visas are immigrant and non-immigrant.

Among the immigrant visas you can obtain are:

  • Family-sponsored – including the spouse of a US citizen, fiancé(e) of a US citizen, and certain family members
  • Employment-based – including professionals holding advanced degrees, persons of exceptional abilities, investors and other workers
  • Other immigrants – such as diversity immigrant and returning resident

Depending on the purpose of the trip, non-immigrant visas can be granted to:

  • Amateur or professional athletes
  • Business visitors
  • Diplomats
  • Exchange visitors
  • Foreign military personnel stationed in the USA
  • Visitors for medical treatment
  • Performing artists
  • Religious worker
  • Students
  • Temporary agricultural workers

Q: How does an Immigration Attorney help you?

As mentioned above, the immigration process is always complicated. That is why having an immigration attorney working for you can help you get things right. Starting with the filing of forms, you can rest assured that you will file the correct forms with the correct information. And when you receive the visa you had been hoping for, you can go out and celebrate. And should it happen that your application is denied, an immigration attorney can help you through the appeal.

If you are facing deportation, the help of an immigration attorney becomes even more essential. You will feel more confident just knowing that your lawyer is there, collecting all the necessary evidence to support your case and fighting on your behalf.

Q: Are you looking to reunite members of your family through immigration?

A family immigration attorney will help you when you are trying to bring over members of your family in order for everyone to be together again. If you are an American citizen or a permanent residence holder petitioning for your fiancé(e), your spouse, children or parent who is living overseas a family immigration attorney will help you navigate through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the immigration court and any other governmental agency that might be required.

Q: Do you need help applying for asylum in the United States?

An experienced immigration lawyer can work with you if you have been suffering from persecution in your country of origin. Asylum offers you protection from the danger you are fleeing, be it due to your race, religion, nationality or political opinion. This is an extremely complicated area of the law and you need an experienced lawyer by your side.

Q: Are you facing deportation proceedings?

Don't jeopardize your chances of remaining in this country by counting on the judge being sympathetic to your story. You need the sharpest, most experienced immigration lawyer by your side.

Q: Is it mandatory to hire an Immigration Attorney?

Not necessarily. If you are applying for a visa and your case is pretty much clear-cut, or if you are undoubtedly eligible to receive this type of visa and have had no negative interaction with the law you may be able to go through the whole process on your own.

However, most cases do not fall into the above scenario and having the guidance and advice of an experienced immigration lawyer by your side can mean the difference between failure and success in your immigration proceedings.

Immigration laws are not only complicated, but they are also constantly changing. Up your chances of winning your case by contacting an immigration attorney in Richardson, TX. Whether you need an employment immigration attorney or a family immigration lawyer, schedule an initial consultation and explain to them in detail what your situation is, what visa you are looking for and listen to what venues are available to you to get the results you want. Give them a call today!

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